Tree Planting+Donating

We realize that not everyone has a yard or lot for tree planting. That’s where registered charities or non-profits in the tree-planting business can help us still realize our tree planting goals. We are profiling, but not endorsing, example groups and organizations, as we share what we are learning and to give Readers a head start if they want to begin to explore what planting and donation options are available to work best for them.

Tree Canada, is a registered charity that has been boosting the country’s urban forests for more than 25 years. For as little as $4, Canadians can pick a region – from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada to the North – and even the approximate placement of a donated tree. “We are one of the few sites that actually allow people to see where the trees get planted,” says Cristiane Doherty, communications and marketing manager for Tree Canada Once the site is chosen and the sapling has been planted, Tree Canada will report back to you. Tree Canada plants 300,000 to 400,000 trees a year.

Edmonton’s Root for Trees has an annual target of planting an additional 45,000 trees in the city. The Guided Tree Planting Program allows groups of up to 100 people to plant saplings under supervision. Or become involved in a self guided tree planting of up to 100 saplings with the Have Shovel Will Travel Program. Get your name on the city’s list to participate in 2020 at

Leaf Toronto, offers options from $150 to $220 per tree, through its Backyard Tree Planting Program, serving Ajax, Toronto and York Region. The 1.5-2 metre tree will be delivered to you and they will even do the digging. LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the urban forest.

Earlier we profiled OneTreePlanted as a useful source of information for learning more about tree planting initiatives around the world. It is an environmental charity that is based in the US, with an international reach. Its mission is to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Working with reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia and Africa, OneTreePlanted’s website describes how it has put four million trees in the ground since its start in 2014, including 1.3 million trees in 2018. For as little as $1 per sapling, it offers options to donate to reforestation projects in different regions of the world, including the Amazon Rainforests, and Canadian projects in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, and to protect the Orcas.

Arbor Day Foundation is the largest American non-profit education and conservation organization that plants, over 5,000,000 a year. A popular blogger created “Team Trees” setting out at the end of October 2019 to encourage tree planting using Arbor Day, and as of November 22 they planted over 16 million trees and have a goal of 20 million trees by the new year. Check out the YouTube video Team Trees, and the website for Arbor Day Foundation.

Forest Recovery Canada is the only ENGO in the country that provides scientific planting and up-to-date, accurate mapping of all of its planting projects, providing a high level of accountability and recognition to their supporters.” says Rob Keen, CEO. FRC supports the future of Canadian forests through tree planting, increasing forest cover and adding connectivity between forested areas. Through partnerships with local planting organizations, municipalities, First Nations, ENGO partners and corporate sponsors, they work to minimize the devastating effects of climate change, by laying the groundwork for a national tree planting strategy. FRC is a division of  Forests Ontario.