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One Tree Planted 

July 7, 2020

Stream for Trees with Bob Marley

“Love the music of Bob Marley? And trees? We’ve got just the thing to combine these passions in one musical experience. Stream for Trees is a campaign created in honor of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday anniversary this year. It is intended to support the environment while continuing Bob Marley’s legacy of peace, justice, and sustainability. Just connect your Spotify account and start streaming your favorite Bob Marley songs. Every 10 streams will result in one tree planted with us – at no cost to you!”

July 10, 2020

“This month:  enjoy the images and videos on these topics

-Inspirational Quotes about Trees

-Top 5 Nations with the most Forest Coverage

-Restoring the Peruvian Amazon Through Agroforestry in a Buffer Zone”

One Tree Planted also had podcasts, and seem to send newsletters every few weeks and they are very well done.

CBC News

Alberta Carbon Capture Project Hits Another Milestone Ahead of Schedule and Below Cost

“Shell had anticipated operating costs of about $40 per tonne of stored CO2, but the facility’s efficiency is now about $25 per tonne. If the cost of constructing the facility is included, the cost is about $80 per tonne, compared with initial forecasts of about $120 per tonne.

While some carbon capture projects have faced challenges with costs and reliability, Quest has proven reliable, said officials, with less than one per cent of downtime every year. ‘For the most part, it has been relatively smooth. We’ve definitely seen some small things,” said Kassam. “But we had a really well designed project, so we haven’t necessarily encountered some of the larger challenges, I would say, that some other projects have.'”

Since the project was developed, the ownership structure has changed, with Canadian Natural Resources having a 70 per cent stake, Chevron Canada owning 20 per cent and Shell retaining a 10 per cent share of the facility.

“This is an important made-in-Canada success story,” said Tim McKay, president of Canadian Natural Resources, in a statement. “The achievement reflects the collaborative partnership of industry and government along with the commitment of dedicated teams working together to continuously improve operational and environmental performance.”

Shell will be using lessons from the project as it proceeds with a new carbon capture project in Norway, with Total and Equinor, after the companies made a final investment decision on the proposed Northern Lights facility in May.”

Google News

Will Bank of Canada’s New Boss Emerge as Canada’s Finance Climate Change Champion?

We will return to the topic of Canada’s COVID recovery plan in a future blog as we, along with many others in various sectors of society, including environmental groups, citizens and business leaders, view this as a critical and unique moment for AND-AND decisions (vs either-or choices) to put Canada’s economic future back on track, in a way that secures a healthy, livable, and sustainable future habitat for us all.

This Toronto Star article gives us insight into the background of one key business influencer – Bank of Canada’s new governor, Tiff Macklem – and hope that he will bring big picture integrative thinking to the tough and critical decisions ahead.

“…But climate action isn’t new to the incoming BoC governor. While serving in his previous job as dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, Macklem was head of Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, which delivered a detailed report last year to the minister of environment and climate change and the minister of finance.

“The panel came up with 15 policy recommendations, some of them directly addressed to the BoC. Recommendation 8, for example, is to embed climate-related risk into monitoring, regulation and supervision of Canada’s financial system. It endorses the BoC’s decision to build climate-related risks into its Financial System Review process and develop a multi-year research plan focused on climate-related risks to the macroeconomy and the financial system.”

“…Governor Macklem put this recommendation in his own words in an address in Toronto last year: ‘Put simply, climate-conscious risk management and investment need to be part of the everyday savings and investment decisions made by individuals and businesses across Canada.’ ”

CBC: What On Earth

We receive this newsletter regularly to our email.

On July 9 the topics were:

-taking solar panels to the next level

-follow the sun-how dual axis solar panels work

-how grizzly bears have learned to live with humans

“What on Earth, a new CBC Radio 1 series about climate change, is now also hitting the airwaves. The 9-week series, hosted by Laura Lynch, launched July 5 across Canada. Listen to What on Earth every Sunday at 10:30 a.m., 11 a.m. in Newfoundland. You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen anytime on CBC Listen.

BBC Documentary

Judy Dench’s My Passion for Trees. This documentary follows Judi Dench as she explores the lives of trees, discovering how they feel, how they communicate and how they fight off invading armies and extreme weather.

David Suzuki Foundation

One feature we like especially about this foundation’s approach and website is how the foundation creates and sends letters urging governments to take action on climate change, and offer the ready option to sign your name if you wish to support the message. They are more radical and activist than most other organizations we follow. You may donate to them as a charity, and currently money is focused on greener energy for Canada.

May 28, 2020 Email Newsletter from David Suzuki Foundation Topic:

“Government committed to modernizing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, but a leaked memo reveals the oil industry is using COVID-19 as a pretext for pressuring Ottawa to postpone amendments.”

The ButterflyWay Project

The Suzuki Foundation and its website offer valuable educational, research and community-based partnership initiatives too, including for example the Butterflyway Project, a “citizen-led movement growing  highways of habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada.”

This link will take you to maps, videoclips, and inspiring local stories from across Canada of how hundreds of volunteer Butterflyway Rangers and Butterflyway Schools are making a difference for a greener, pollinator-friendly world, one local neigbourhood habitat at a time

Edmonton Journal Newspaper

JULY 7, 2020

Free Virtual Summer Garden Concerts

The “Edwards Summer Music Series Goes VIRTUAL in 2020.”

“Starting Thursday, July 16 at 7 p.m. a new concert in the garden will be released each week.”

“The Edwards Summer Music Series is back… but will be going ONLINE this year with eight FREE intimate concerts in the garden showcasing contemporary Canadian talent, all filmed within the beauty of the Toronto Botanical Garden.

Tonight’s (July 16th’s) kick-off concert will feature OKAN, self-described in their bio as “a women-led contemporary Afro-Cuban roots and jazz” group

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