Grebes of Canada

There is nothing like a close look at a part of nature to inspire us to want to take better care of Mother Earth. Some of the grebes in Canada are considered “threatened” as their numbers are declining. This is mostly due to the accumulation of fertilizers and fewer ponds. Here is a photo book Lucy put together about the grebes we have in Canada with an intimate look at the lifecycle of the Horned Grebe seen in her local pond in 2021. It was most entertaining watching these Horned Grebes work in a bit of a chaotic, frantic way to create a nest, a vey soggy nest, and to lay eggs in that nest all the while reinforcing it. Then another visit to the pond showed how the nest did not survive the spring snow storm, and all that could be seen was an egg at the bottom of the pond. But fear not, for these tenacious waterbirds set to create a new nest across the small pond, and laid 3 new eggs.

Information was collected from Wikipedia: Grebes, from All About Birds, from Sibley Birds West, and from the Audubon Field Guides.

Here is a link to the BBC Life: The Grebes on Youtube:

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