Positive Energy from Nature

This seems like a good week for calming photos of birds, mostly North American. We are sharing positive energy offered by the natural beauty of our feathered friends, as captured by Lucy’s photography.

We hope our Readers are keeping healthy, safe and well, and that these photos are beneficial in the spirit in which they are offered – our contribution of positive thoughts and calming images to help keep spirits and resilience high, in these unsettling times.

You may need to view these photos on a computer, tablet or iPad if they do not show up on your cell phone. In general, the Blog shows better with each larger device and is much more complete should you ever decide to go to the Blog site itself at: friends4trees4life.com We post each Thursday morning. At the Blog site we have made quick links to older posts for you and have other links (e.g., Resources). If you find you have more free time right now, this might be a great time to read old blogs you may have missed, to share with friends, and even to offer us feedback and suggestions.

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