Gentle Spring Blooms

Today’s post shares soothing spring photos taken by Reader Wanda in Victoria. This is a virtual tour of her stunning Japanese garden, taken on March 30, 2020. Some parts of Canada are still blanketed in white, and others are in full bloom.

Thank you, Wanda, for sharing and enabling us to offer our Readers a follow-up to last week’s “Positive Energy from Nature” post, with our ongoing intentions to foster positivity in challenging times and help keep our collective spirits strong.

Japanese Hydrangea
Flowering Currant
Grape Hyacinth
White Narcissi

This Blog post is not an Infomercial for Tourism Victoria – but it could be!

For now, please stay home, stay safe and healthy, and please keep spreading smiles, gratitude and generosity (…from 2 metres afar – thank you).

Closing by offering a smile, courtesy of our feathered friends (did we mention that Lucy is an avid birder!), in this three-minute video re-composition of Mozart’s Magic Flute, by ShakeUp Music. Enjoy!

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